Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dreams may come true...

I had quite a dream last night, dreamt of Prince Harry looking for a date for his brother Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton's next year. Woke up feeling the need to find him a date if he's not already seeing Chelsy Davy. If things were that easy, just a call away, or a text to let him know, not to worry as I will be unoccupied and available for sure AND would love to be his date. One can only dream. Will update you how it goes in my dream sometime in April. I'm on

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to Basics... AGAIN!

Reasons why women date the wrong guy:

Loneliness and insecurity
Believing that the relationship is the solution to their problems
External pressures to get married
Thinking that “he will fix me” or “I will fix him”
Ignoring red flags and gut feelings
Focus more on chemistry than on character.
Do not share common life goals and priorities.
You get intimately involved too quickly.

Let this be a reminder to me.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is what i'm currently reading:

WHY do men just disappear??
The biggest peeve is not the fact that men disappear, its the fact that they disappear without warning... its the most terrible feeling in the world to have no closure. To go from hot to cold without warning... its maddening! would even appreciate an email saying that a person's simply not interested and wants to close contact. At least you aren't wondering if the bloke is dead.... Regardless, we always move on; but it never makes it better... just makes us all more cynical.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I hate cos I'm envious

I can't sleep. I think the previous post got me thinking a tad too much. I'll be 26 in 26th Sept. When I was 11, I told myself that I will be madly in love, married and live happy. Time is chasing up on me and I know I can't live up to my childhood dream. 11 was when I first saw a couple making out at the back of the school and people around didn't matter. I stared and thought, I'll get there some day. 5 months to go and I'm no where close. This saddens me. I hate the fact that people say, be patient, your time will come, maybe you should focus on your career, go back to school, move countries, he'll come soon, etc. I hate going to movies with couples. I sit alone with no one but the popcorn bucket to hug. I hate valentines cos I get no gifts. I hate those matching coloured couple t-shirts. I hate PDAs! I hate it when girls say 'my boyfriend bought me this bag/jewelry/car'. I hate weddings. I hate births. I hate the fact that I've forgotten how to smile genuinely.

Fortune Teller Experience:

He wasn't that old, was like my dad's age. Mid 50's maybe. He has a business card too! He didn't find me nor did I stumble on him. A friend who's crazy about the 9th dimension introduced me to this character. The fortune teller lives in a shack, 1 room and that's it. That 1 room was decorated with relics, hand carved statues and manuscripts. He is chinese. I was pretty nervous as it was my first time. He could be phony, I mean what fortune tellers have business cards? Someone who cares about the important element of their visual identity? Or could he be the real-deal and has god's telephone number? Let me rundown to what he actually did:

He asked for the time of day I was born, went through his library and looked at the water, fire, etc elements. Next, was palm reading. Then it was me shuffling a deck of cards. All this went by so slowly and cos he spoke hockien, I was a bit lost. I wished I had google translate with me. I have jotted down most of the things he said and the numbers he gave me. Those numbers were considered as lucky numbers, so I went to buy 4D for two weeks and won nothing (not-so-lucky-aye). He told me I would lose a lot of blood this year, and to avoid that from happening I should donate my blood. I went to the hospital the other day, the nurse took a sample of my blood and I'm not a suitable candidate for blood donation cos of my low blood platelet. That didn't work out well. Instead I came home with a packet of 30 5mg folic acid tablets. He told me my boyfriend is around me and I will come to be aware of it 6 months down the line, that will be in June. So far I have had nothing but really bad dates and dry spells. Hmm, what next, he told me there is someone out to get me, to take me down and ruin my life. I can't think of anyone else but two of my ex bosses. Boy did I hated them so much. Plus job wise, he told me I am working in the wrong country because my talent is put on limitations. There were a lot of other nice things he said, like I know what I want and my future is secured and all. Funny thing is I don't even like my full time job at the mo. I'm always miserable. I tipped him 20 brunei dollars. Maybe tipped is not the word to use? Donate maybe? For him to buy more incense :) Was a rather weird feeling for me.

I'll hit you with something random: Just a week ago, I dreamt of a massive snake, it bit my hair. Last night, I was in my friend's car and I spotted a snake down town. Some passer bys tortured it with bricks and stuffs. Creepy.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Guess Where?

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been busy. Will fill you in with what's been happening with me soonish. For now enjoy the pics readers, that is if I have any. Anyone?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Weekend, The night before.

Here are some pics, I'm too lazy to blog. Knock yourself out.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hottest Halloween costume

Joker and Sarah Palin were last years. Would MJ be this years? or blood-thirsty vamps?

OMG says this year's hottest Halloween costume: Kate Gosselin.
Her wig resembling her amped up, asymmetrical hairdo is now available online ($14.99; You think I can pull off a Gosselin? The stylish "hairpiece" will make people think I have eight children. Lol

Aside from the hairpiece, that I can do without and still have 8 kids. I could be Octomom, seems easy to full off...I got the locks but I gotta purchase those dolls.

KIDS: Little boy from Up would be a good character for the kids. Easy to dress up. or you could be a sexy scout.
I have no interest on being Jacko, Vamps, Dorothy, Lady Gaga or Potter. Apart of me wants to be preggers and thinks Juno would be a really good character. Seems pretty outdated though. ANY IDEAS? FILL ME IN!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival a wet affair

The Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar and is celebrated today 3rd October. We held a run in conjuction to this and almost everyone brought their bought or homemade or junglemade lanterns. My lantern was soaking wet as I didn't shut the top of my convertible again. I never really do learn my lesson, do I. I have taken only two pics that night and will upload more once I get hold of better quality pictures. As much as I want to say we ate mooncake under the moon, well, we didn't. Instead we had our mooncakes and laksa under the tent that was squashed up with front runners, snail pace people like us and some fresh blood. A wet affair in BSB's Mid Autumn Run. You must be wondering which function to the blurry effect on my cam. A pro wouldn't tell.
Here is a DIY lantern, the best being showcased that night. If only i had the talent, determination, if only, if only...